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In the news … March 5, 2019

The silver lining of an aging population

An aging populace, we’ve been told by policymakers, economists, and the media, poses one of the most vexing global economic challenges, and the repercussions of dwindling work populations are often portrayed as an impending crisis. But according to the authors of a new study, who reviewed the most recent literature on the effects of aging on a range of economic issues, a reduced population growth rate should benefit people and the planet — provided we plan for it in the right way.


Facebook sues Chinese companies for selling fake accounts

Facebook has sued four Chinese companies for selling fake Facebook and Instagram accounts, alleging trademark infringement, breach of contract, and related offenses. The company announced the news on Friday, calling it “one more step in our ongoing efforts to protect people on Facebook and Instagram.” It’s an unusual move for Facebook, which says it already purges “millions” of fake accounts every day.


NFB’s interactive game for mobile devices aims to close ‘orgasm gap’

Pretty well everyone knows what a penis looks like, whether in the flesh, in the form of sex toys or from depictions scrawled on the walls of public washrooms. But a woman’s clitoris? Not so much.

Enter the National Film Board of Canada, which on Monday launched an interactive game for mobile devices that takes a playful, informative approach to female sexual satisfaction and the role of the clitoris.


Apple’s Radical New iPhone Suddenly Takes Shape

Apple has already updated its iPhones twice in 2019. The first was planned, the second launched in outrage. But now the company is zeroing in on Huawei and Samsung’s radical folding smartphones, as its most ambitious iPhone to date is taking shape…


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