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One Degree Daily for March 12, 2019

Google won’t run political ads during Canada’s October election

Google is banning political ads in the runup to Canada’s October federal election; the search giant says the country’s new ad transparency rules would be too challenging to comply with. Bill C-76, which passed in December, requires online platforms to keep a registry of all political and partisan ads they directly or indirectly publish. “We’ve come to the decision that the best way for Google to comply with the Elections Act in the 2019 election cycle is actually to stop accepting elections ads as defined in the legislation,” said Colin McKay, Google Canada’s head of public policy and government relations. “This isn’t a negotiating tactic,” he added. [Tom Cardoso / The Globe and Mail]


Just arrived in Canada? There’s an app for that

Immigrants and refugees may be baffled upon arrival in Canada.

But one thing likely not to flummox them is how to use a smartphone.

That’s why PeaceGeeks has launched Arrival Advisor, a free mobile app to help immigrants and refugees settle in B.C.

“Smartphones are ubiquitous,” said Arrival Advisor communications lead Lauren Hyde during a stop in Kelowna.


Target’s Digital Strategy Wins Over Customers

In case you’re wondering, you aren’t the only one that enters a trance when you shop at Target. According to USA Today, traffic to the retailer rose 4.5 percent in the final quarter of 2018

To entice customers to visit actual stores, Target has been introducing new brands and offering special deals. The strategy is paying off as sales ticked up 5.3 percent and physical stores open at least 12 months saw a 2.9 percent sales increase.


Zuckerberg outlines plan for ‘privacy-focused’ Facebook

In a blog, Mr Zuckerberg outlined his vision to transform Facebook into a “privacy-focused platform.”

Facebook owns Messenger and WhatsApp, but message encryption limits its ability to make money through targeted adverts.

The social media giant has come under fire for a series of privacy scandals.


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