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One Degree Daily for March 13, 2019

The wisdom of The Old Wives’ Tale

For a writer, Arnold Bennett was a pretty good businessman. The British novelist (1867-1931) earned enough from his prodigious output to buy not just one yacht but two — and the second was so vast, it required a crew of eight. “She’s not a yacht,” he exulted. “She’s a ship.”


‘A takeoff moment’: Edible Arrangements rethinks its digital strategy

Edible Arrangements, the Atlanta-based fresh fruit bouquet brand, is embarking on a digital reset to drive more traffic to its stores.

The 20-year-old company, which has 1,200 store locations in 11 countries and an e-commerce capability since the early 2000s, wants to grow its digital presence beyond one-off interactions with customers. To do this, it’s updating its app and website to better harness customer data and encourage customers to visit stores. In doing so, it hopes to target and personalize outreach to customers based on their behavior.


Ensuring responsible use of artificial intelligence to improve government services for Canadians

Providing better programs and services for Canadians in the 21st century requires good government digital services, including the responsible use of artificial intelligence (AI) to support sound decision making.


5 Ways Mobile Marketing Can Help Businesses

Mobile marketing is a multichannel digital strategy that targets customers through avenues like social media, SMS and emails. Now more than ever, targeting mobile users is crucial for successful digital marketers: Research shows that around 70 percent of users’ digital media time is now spent on mobile platforms. That’s more than 100 percent growth in the last half-decade.


Canada’s space strategy focuses on AI, EO and deep-space robotics

On Wednesday, the Canadian government unveiled it’s long-awaited national space strategy, focusing on artificial intelligence, deep-space robotic systems, Earth-observation capabilities, and a search for new ventures with the European Space Agency.

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Argentina, Canada partner up in new arts co-production treaty

Canada made its first foray into Argentina’s creative industry this week, as both nations signed their first arts and media co-production treaty and officials held a series of meetings to discuss opportunities for cultural collaboration.


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