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Here's What's Hot … March 18, 2019

Bridging Canada’s digital divide

Imagine running a small business and not being able to sell your products online. Or being a nurse who can’t access electronic patient records. That’s the daily reality for many Canadians living in rural, remote and northern communities where poor broadband and cellular connectivity are the norm.

In my own community of Mount Brydges, hundreds are without access to reliable and affordable high-speed internet. Sadly, the situation only gets worse in the rural areas outside of our population centres. This means that a business located on Inadale Drive cannot access the vital internet connectivity needed to expand sales and employ more local residents. This also means young students living in our communities are at a disadvantage when competing with their urban cousins for the jobs of tomorrow.


Google denies working with the Chinese military after Trump criticism

Google denied “working with the Chinese military” on Saturday after President Donald Trump publicly criticized the company in an evening message posted on Twitter.


How to Embrace Digital Transformation Responsibly

As industries around the world embrace digital technology, what is the impact on people and the world around us? And how do businesses keep focus on their customers and not become distracted by the technology? A roundtable discussion at Fortune’s Brainstorm Design conference in Singapore last Thursday offered those in attendance some advice.


Why Is Leadership Important in Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing has quickly risen to become the focal point of marketing efforts for many businesses, as well as the only marketing effort for small businesses. Leadership plays a key role in many ways, including getting buy-in for digital marketing strategy, coaching and mentoring others to use digital marketing tools, and leveraging data into actionable recommendations.


Apple’s streaming service could feature content from partners

A report from Bloomberg shares some of the details about the long-rumored video streaming service from Apple. The company should unveil this service at a press conference in Cupertino on March 25.

While Apple has been working on a ton of original content for its new streaming service, Bloomberg says that most of it won’t be ready for the launch later this month. Apple will probably share some teasers onstage, but the launch lineup will mostly feature third-party content.


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