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Worth a read … March 21, 2019

Augmented reality when? We asked Magic Leap, Facebook, Google, and more

Today, most of us see the internet on some variation of an opaque rectangular screen. Think of them as little digital islands—black mirrors—dwarfed by the real world around them. Then imagine a screen that covers your whole field of vision and is see-through, like a windshield, so that the digital stuff can be convincingly mixed in with the real.


What Business Owners Need To Know About Digital Marketing

I was in college when I first started running what was then called Google AdWords (now Google Ads). I was amazed that I could, after some practice, effectively run useful ads to complete strangers about topics they were interested in. I became obsessed and read everything I could about digital marketing, PPC and social media strategy.


Amazon spawns new sites turning online castoffs into fat profits

Kerry Franciscovich describes herself as a lifelong garage-sale scavenger, reselling her finds over the years on EBay Inc. So when she wanted to earn some extra spending money, she decided to step up her online game.

With merchandise she bought from, a new online business that sorts and repackages returned items into boxes and pallets, she listed still-new items on her Inc. marketplace account and sold others through EBay. Even keeping about half the items, she made US$253 for about four hours of work, more than doubling her money.


Like Netflix for online gaming? Google announces Stadia, a streaming service that lets you play via your browser

Google made a big leap into interactive entertainment on Tuesday as it announced an online video gaming platform that the company says represents the future of play.
The streaming games service, called Stadia, allows users to run video games on sophisticated hardware maintained remotely by Google while directly controlling the action from their own devices over an internet connection.


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