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Quick takes … March 25, 2019

Canada Pledges $15M In Funding To Create Greater Opportunities For Musicians

The Canadian government has revealed its 2019 federal budget, and the news for musicians is good. Canada has pledged $20 million Canadian (approximately $15 million U.S. dollars) to the Canadian Music Fund over two years.


‘Immigrants built Toronto’: New exhibit highlights contributions of immigrant workers

A new exhibit is highlighting the contributions made by immigrant workers to the construction industry in Toronto, during a time when major landmarks like the CN Tower and the Toronto-Dominion Centre were built.


Is Canadian online gambling getting regulated?

Ontario Premier Doug Ford is among those calling for “modernization” of gambling laws, making it legal for Canadian-based gaming sites to take sporting bets. This would make corporations like Loto-Québec or better able to compete against foreign operators. Canadians spend an estimated $110 million annually betting on single event sporting events according to Casino Reports. This amount does not include spending on online slot machines, poker, etc.


COMMENTARY: Ottawa’s ill-conceived plan to ‘help’ the media only makes matters worse

For a government with a publicly stated interest in helping journalism flourish, it has somehow instead managed to do great swaths of the profession a tremendous disservice.


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