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Quick Takes … March 26, 2019

Liveblog: Apple unveils its TV service and more at the March 25 “It’s show time” event

Apple has been signaling to investors, partners, and customers for many months that it will increase its focus on services—always-available, ever-growing content and software offerings—more in the future, as that is the part of its business it expects to grow the fastest. Monday’s “It’s show time” event will be unusual in that it is expected to focus more on those services than any prior Apple event.


Best Practices For CEOs Navigating Marijuana Law

Understand your state rules. Make sure your HR chief understands the specifics of the laws governing each state where your company operates. For example, while California and Colorado have legalized both medical and recreational marijuana, neither mandates protections for medical marijuana. Maine, however, has extended medical marijuana protection to recreational users. “So if a recreational user has a positive drug screen, you have to have a compelling business case to discharge that person,” says HireRight’s Simo.


Artificial Intelligence Vs. Content Intelligence – What’s the Difference?

Artificial intelligence is a branch of information technology that enables computers to perform tasks and react in a human way.

AI-powered technologies mean software can be used to perform tasks that would previously require human decision-making, learning, or intelligence.w


Plenty Of Digital Transformation, But Not Enough Strategy

Each time a technology trend sweeps across the corporate landscape, lots of money gets spent. Executives, often at dysfunctional or struggling organizations, hope that dropping lots of new systems and software on top of their realms will deliver overnight success. These days, such is the case with companies seeking some form of digital transformation.


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