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Worth a look … March 28, 2019

Coca-Cola to focus on digital strategy to enhance business efficiency

Capital expenditures of Coca-Cola will be approximately $2 billion in 2019. One of the focus areas of its Capex will be digital investment. Coca-Cola does not want to reveal more on its digital initiatives in the coming quarters.

“We have a couple of strategic initiatives in the digital arena and in our concentrate business to invest in 2019,” Coca-Cola CEO James Quincey said during an analyst calls.


The Apple Card is a perfect example of Apple’s post-iPhone strategy

Among the most tangible announcements at Apple’s services event yesterday was also its most interesting: a credit card, aptly called the Apple Card, with both a physical and digital version that gives you up to 3 percent cash back. The product is, on the surface, a way for Apple to sell its brand on another everyday object you likely already own. But beneath the veneer of a titanium credit card with the Apple logo on it, the company is clearly charting out its post-iPhone future, one in which services reign supreme, by following a formula we’ve never quite seen it attempt before.


Newspapers largely shun Apple’s news subscription service

Many newspaper publishers — after suffering for a decade from job losses, shrinking ad dollars and circulation declines — are so far shunning Apple’s new “Netflix for news” subscription.

For $10 a month, Apple News Plus offers articles from more than 300 magazines, but only three newspapers.

Despite a potential audience of millions of iPhone users, newspaper publishers may be wise to be skeptical.

“Is this the thing that’s going to save media? The answer is ‘no.’ It’s not one thing,” said Jim Brady, who built a local-news business, Spirited Media, and now consults with media companies.


New online platform brings coding to Canada’s Indigenous youth

A new website launched by Elephant Thoughts is contributing to the Indigenization of the digital world.

The new portal, called Coders North serves as an online space to bring together Indigenous digital producers and also as an educational platform highlighting opportunities for Indigenous youth to learn through digital technology.


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