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Quick reads … April 5. 2019

Canada’s digital industry needs to set global standards — we all depend on it

Like other G7 countries, Canada’s annual GDP growth is not keeping up with other regions of the world. To remain competitive, we need to give our economy a jolt.

According to the recently published overview report from Canada’s economic strategy tables, digitization could do the trick. That is why it calls for all economic sectors to become digital and for the adoption of digital platform technologies as a way to leapfrog other countries.


What is an office for?

I haven’t worked in an office — a proper office — since 2008. Back then, I had a cubicle plastered with sticky notes and a desk chair of questionable ergonomic value. I had meetings in the conference room, lunch at my desk. I had colleagues in cubicles nearby for advice and gossip. I had mice who left the tiny evidence of their nightly visits in my desk drawers.


Who are the best tech employers in Canada? LinkedIn has the answers

LinkedIn has released its annual list of the top 25 companies in Canada that people are eager to work for, and seven tech-related companies have made this year’s list.

Among the top 25 were Shopify Inc. (#8), Bell Canada (#11), Telus Corp. (#14), International Business Machines Corporation (#15), Inc. (#16), Inc. (#17), Alphabet Inc. (#25).


All the ways recycling is broken—and how to fix them

You may have read that there’s a recycling crisis in the U.S. After years of accepting our used plastic and cardboard, China now won’t take it, which often means there is no place for it to go. Some city recycling programs—unable to find other buyers—have quietly started sending recyclables to incinerators or landfills, news that could make anyone question the point of separating your trash at all.


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