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Quick reads Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Essential Web, Social, and Mobile Marketing Tips for 2019

Creating a successful online marketing campaign will require you to integrate social, mobile, and web strategies, as your consumer is constantly active on these platforms. Research suggests that users are regularly active on all these channels in both their personal and professional lives. For example, users regularly search for products/services near them, which comprises over 40% of all Google queries on mobile devices, and the mobile-first social media platform, Instagram, has nearly one billion active users. So, how do you traverse this complex terrain? Often, even the smartest marketers fall prey to using a one-dimensional strategy or technology, leading to over-focus and saturation. What’s worse is that the selected platform may not be where your targeted audience is currently most active.


Millennials take 40-day digital detox

According to two millennials in Windsor, the digital world of social media and video streaming services has consumed their lives, and a digital detox was what they needed to bring their “thought-life” back into perspective.

On March 5, 2018, Sarah Quinlan and Anthony DeSilver deactivated their social media accounts and cancelled all of their video streaming services with a commitment to stay unplugged for 40 days.


What Every Digital Marketer Needs To Know About Strategic Planning

For many digital marketing managers, the strategy behind the work can be fuzzy. According to a 2017 report on the state of digital marketing , the majority of marketing managers surveyed said content was one of the most effective aspects of digital marketing. Yet, only 53% reported that they had a documented content strategy in place.


Are You Ready to Run a Digital Business for the Digital Age?

In our digital age, all companies must change how they think, how they interact with customers, partners, and suppliers, and how their business works on the inside. Customer, partner, and supplier expectations have changed, and a gap is opening between what they expect from their interaction with companies and what those companies are currently able to deliver. Companies must immediately work to close this expectation gap, or their entire business is at risk.


These 17 Firefox tips make it easy to switch from ChromeThese 17 Firefox tips make it easy

Last December, I decided to give Firefox another chance.

The venerable web browser had received a visual overhaul and a new engine a year earlier, and had been getting even faster ever since. At the same time, it continued to take strong stances on privacy, offering simple tools to prevent Facebook and other sites from following you around the web. I also just liked the idea of using a product that’s not run by a tech giant. (Firefox is owned by the Mozilla Foundation, a nonprofit.)


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