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In the news … Wednesday, April 24, 2019

5 Myths About Strategy

There are lies, there are big lies, and then there are myths. And myths are the worst of the three.

Unless you have sealed yourself off in a social media echo chamber, lies are easy to spot. Except, that is, when the lie is a big one. People hearing or reading big lies start to doubt themselves and think ‘maybe I have got things completely wrong’. That’s why politicians and propagandists tell big lies. They’re not trying to assert a truth so much as sow doubt and confusion about what is true. That’s bad, but a smart person can resist a big lie by looking at the evidence at hand.


‘Thrones’ is ending, but will live on in merchandise

From wine to clothing to tours, HBO and retailers have cashed in through the years with “Game of Thrones” merchandise. “Thrones” is not only a huge international show but also a massive business, with all sides hoping to pad the bank during the show’s eighth and final season.

“It’s thousands of products, just a lot of stuff all around the world,” said Jeff Peters, HBO’s vice-president of licensing and retail. “We’re so busy we don’t stop and count.”


WHO releases first digital health guidelines

The World Health Organization has released its first-ever set of guidelines on digital health interventions.

The guidelines, targeted toward government agencies and public health practitioners, outline 10 recommendations on how to use digital health tools to support patients’ health outcomes and access to care. The WHO developed the guidelines and recommendations over the past two years.

Recommendations include using mobile devices for clinical decision support tools, telemedicine and supply-chain management.


9 Ways to Thrive in the Conversation Age

In yesterday’s post, I explained that the Information Age is dead because everyone now has all the information they need (and then some). We can now treat information as a given, i.e. as infrastructure, like the railroads of the Industrial Age.

We are now in the Conversation Age where the ability to connect and converse is far more important than the ability to create and disperse more information and data. Companies that wish to thrive will need to transcend their current information-centric strategies.


Is Apple Card worth getting?

There’s been a lot of conversation around the question, “is Apple Card worth it?” Some people lambast its rewards, while some tout its money management. It seems like the only thing everyone can agree on is that the physical card is really sweet looking.


How Technology Has Changed the Way Canadians Play Games Online

Gaming and gambling have come a long way in the last few years as a result of new, affordable consumer technology. Whether you’re a casual gamer or a superfan, the technological advances of games like Doom and Air Warrior don’t compare to today’s innovation. Similarly, the connected generation has seen pocket-sized tech like out smartphones see huge growth in the casino gaming sector. More immersive, interactive and community-based than ever before, gaming online has significantly advanced and continues to develop at pace.


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