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Quick reads for Wednesday, May 1, 2019

TNW2019 Daily: Don’t miss these inspiring talks from women in tech

There are only nine days left until TNW2019! In today’s newsletter, I’d like to talk about something close to my heart: diversity in the tech industry. As a woman in tech, I’m really excited to join TheNextWomen Summit at TNW Conference.


Jimmy Fallon Played a Video Game on Air, Meaning That Streaming Your Own Game Gets You Taken Down as a Pirate 

NBC (and the other broadcasters) provides copies of its shows to YouTube’s Content ID filter, which is supposed to protect copyright by blocking uploads of videos that match ones in its database of claimed videos. That means that if you own the copyright to something that is aired on NBC, any subsequent attempts by you or your fans to upload your work will be blocked as copyright infringements, and could cost you your YouTube account. The latest casualty of this is the video game Beat Saber. Jimmy Fallon played part of one of Beat Saber’s levels, and so no one else cold upload their own gameplay of that level to YouTube without being accused of copyright infringement and blocked. After a lot of fast work by Beat Saber, they managed to get the ban lifted.


Prevent business fraud with Canada’s first business intelligence firm

Has Canada’s weak regulatory regime for the capital markets, weak law enforcement, decline of analysis that is conflict-of-interest free, and the shrinking of the business media (which has led to layoffs of journalists) meant less reliable information available for business people?


Study shows what business leaders can learn from NHL coaches

Research out of the University of Waterloo suggests business leaders could take a page from the playbook of NHL coaches for long-term success in the office.

The report, recently published in the Journal of Applied Psychology, examined the playing time of six NHL stars over the course of five seasons and found coaches who rested their most valuable players when they were already ahead in the game had more success in the long run than teams that did not change their ice-time strategy depending on the score.


Mountain Equipment Co-op Partners with Cineplex Digital Media to Boost its In-Store Digital Experience

Cineplex Digital Media (“CDM”) is pleased to announce that it has partnered with Mountain Equipment Co-op (“MEC”) to deliver a unique digital signage solution that optimizes the retail experience for customers at MEC stores across the country. Leveraging its strategic experience design services, CDM introduced an enhanced content management software system and touch-screen hardware that provides maximum flexibility and control for the business. As part of the new partnership, CDM will work alongside MEC to provide ongoing customer support as well as develop and maintain a customer-first content strategy that engages and educates shoppers throughout their visits to the stores.


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