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Articles picked for you … May 6, 2019

The science of why you hate your open office

The backlash against the dreaded open office plan has been brewing for many years. Not without good reason: Many employees struggle to focus amid the endless distractions and noise that are inevitable when you put everyone in a giant room together, and people feel constantly watched without any private space to retreat to. One survey found that 70% of workers report feeling distracted when they’re working. It’s bad for employers too, because employees tend to be less productive with so many distractions pulling their attention away from their work. Researchers have found that it can take more than 25 minutes for someone to return to work when they’ve been interrupted, and that interruptions of only 2.8 seconds long can double the amount of errors people make.


Less than half of Canadian businesses are equipped to recover their reputation in a crisis

The majority of Canadian companies say they aren’t adequately prepared to recover their reputation in the aftermath of a crisis, a volatile and complex situation that interferes with an organization’s ability to carry on normal business. This gap is one of the findings of a new 2019 crisis readiness survey of 625 business decision-makers commissioned by Provident Communications Inc. in partnership with Angus Reid Global.


Prime Minister launches Canada’s Youth Policy

Young Canadians are the most educated, connected, and diverse generation this country has ever seen. They are actively serving their communities and advocating for a more fair, diverse, and inclusive Canada. Their participation in civic life, including government decision-making, is crucial to Canada’s continued success.


The best digital marketing stats we’ve seen this week

We’ve got news about sustainability, digital ad spend, social media usage, and lots more in this week’s roundup. That not enough to satisfy you? Head on over to the Internet Statistics Database while you’re here – it’s also packed full of interesting stats.


You should enable Google’s new auto-delete privacy feature

Your phone, and the apps and services connected to it, can determine your location—and that’s a double-edged sword. You want Uber to know exactly where you are when you’re waiting for a ride, but do you really want the app to have the right to know your location when you’re plopped on the couch at home, watching Killing Eve?


Technology trends 2019

According to PwC’s 22nd Annual Global CEO Survey, just 40% of technology leaders said they were ‘very confident’ in their organisation’s revenue growth potential over the next 12 months. We also asked tech CEOs about their longer-term prospects for revenue growth between now and 2021.


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