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What's Interesting … Wednesday, May 8, 2019

Three Key Areas For Building A Road Map To Digital Maturity And Capability

With global expenditure likely to cross $2 trillion in 2019, “digital transformation” and, consequently, “digital maturity” are the current buzzwords in the tech space. However, digital transformation is much more than simply phasing out legacy systems, adopting agile methodologies and moving to API-driven environments.


“What Percentage of Your Sales are Online?” is the Wrong Question to Ask

I recently spoke with the CEO of a ~$150 million distributor who reluctantly confessed, “We only get about 5% of our sales from our website.” I think he was expecting me to react with disapproval or shock. Instead, I asked him about his customers, value proposition, product mix, website stats, competitors and more.


Lobby Wrap: Balsille’s Centre for Digital Rights calls for national data strategy

Blackberry founder Jim Balsille’s Centre for Digital Rights is lobbying the federal government to develop a national data strategy that would strengthen the protection of digital privacy and privacy in the “data-driven economy.”


How artificial intelligence is reshaping global power and Canadian foreign policy

Artificial intelligence has a reputation for being a buzzword that’s dangled in front of venture capitalists. A recent UK study found that 40 percent of European ‘AI startups’ did not actually use AI in a “material” way, an error sometimes caused by incorrect labeling from third-party analytics websites, but which businesses were in no rush to correct. According to the study, AI companies attract between 15 and 50 percent more funding in comparison to non-AI startups.


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