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In the news … Thursday, May 9, 2019

Impactful Transformation Comes With Evolution From Within

So, your board has made a compelling case for a significant investment in overhauling your digital presence to create a better customer experience which, in turn, should deliver a significant uplift in sales, satisfaction and business success. You assign a healthy budget and let your teams get to work.



THANKS TO ADVANCES in machine learning, computers have gotten really good at identifying what’s in photographs. They started beating humans at the task years ago, and can now even generate fake images that look eerily real. While the technology has come a long way, it’s still not entirely foolproof. In particular, researchers have found that image detection algorithms remain susceptible to a class of problems called adversarial examples.


The right digital-platform strategy

Powerful platforms have given digital natives from Alibaba to Amazon global reach and towering market capitalizations. While that’s no secret, these platforms raise difficult questions for CEOs of incumbent companies pushing ahead with their own digital transformations: Should they emulate the frontrunners, join forces with them, or not play at all? Not playing may seem risky in a world where “platforms beat products.”1 Yet building your own platform, in a majority of markets where global platforms are already thriving, may be akin to arm wrestling with a bulldozer.


The Simple Trick To Content Marketing Strategy Prioritization

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