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Here's what's interesting … Friday, May 10, 2019

Ottawa-based ‘digital apprentice’ platform one of the fastest-growing startups in Canada

An Ottawa-based company is trying to bridge the gap between small businesses looking for skilled marketing help and students and others looking to pad out their resumé with meaningful experience.

GenM, based in Westboro, is like a Tinder for businesses and potential ‘digital apprentices,’ providing the best match for both based on skills and available work, while also providing educational courses for students.


Growing Your Customer Flock: Online Marketing for Farmers

Once upon a time, not that long ago, a farmer had to be part horticulturalist, part veterinarian, part mechanic, and part accountant. That was a lot, but it was enough to get you by. These days, as my dad would phrase it, “Not no more!” You must add web-tech nerd, social media wiz, and savvy marketing specialist to the list.


How to Incorporate Direct Mail in an Unpredictable Digital Marketing World

In March, Facebook and Instagram were down for many users around the globe. The short-term effect was relatively trivial: Advertisers lost a day of traffic and engagement from Facebook’s platform, plus the thousands of dollars they spent, and Facebook will have to do make-rights with those advertisers.


Uniting creatives and consultants

What gets both business-minded consultants and ideas-oriented creatives up in the morning? It starts with a C — and it isn’t coffee or chai.


Orwell’s world no longer fiction

The “Terminator” movies were prediction, not fiction. The proof abounds in China, recently dubbed by CBC as the world’s first digital dictatorship.

China has interfaced wireless technology with surveillance cameras and facial recognition software to form Sky Net. And fifth-generation mobile phones, or 5G, are coming to Canada. That means Chinese technology and its usage are of eminent concern to Canadians.


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