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One Degree Daily … Thursday, May 16, 2019

What Is AI Marketing? (+3 Ways to Enhance Your Marketing Strategy)

If anything, artificial intelligence is associated with the tech sector – with AI in healthcare coming in at a close second.

People know what marketing is, and probably have an idea about what AI is as well, but the two together? Not so much.


4 Attributes of a Highly Successful Digital Engagement Strategy

Where do your customers spend their precious free time – and, more importantly, their money? The answer is increasingly on digital channels, especially websites and apps on mobile devices.

The numbers bear this out – in 2018, total worldwide sales revenue generated from within apps grew by 63% YOY. eMarketer forecasts that US retail mobile commerce sales will reach $268 billion this year, up nearly 30% from 2018. By 2020, that figure will increase to $338 billion and account for nearly half of total US retail ecommerce sales. As this digital channel growth shows no sign of slowing down, it represents a significant revenue opportunity for brands, retailers and other consumer-facing businesses.


How to Choose the Right Digital Leader for Your Company

Digital disruption is close to the top of the agenda in many boardrooms today, but who should lead the charge? Many companies are assigning the task to chief digital officers (CDOs). Yet, finding the right candidate is not easy and tenures tend to be short. Throughout late 2018 and early 2019, we analyzed the career paths of 508 CDOs, examined more than 1,000 survey responses from CDOs and other digital leaders, and interviewed 42 of them from across 28 countries and a broad range of industries to gain a better understanding of the position.


Attention, Amazon Shoppers: Google Wants Some of Your Spending Money

For years, Google and Amazon stuck to their strengths. Google’s search monopoly and universe of online services seemed to present little overlap with Amazon’s web commerce empire.


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