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Update … Thursday, May 23, 2019

Trudeau government unveils plans for digital overhaul

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s government set the stage Tuesday for an overhaul of Canada’s laws governing the internet and digital privacy.

Innovation Minister Navdeep Bains today unveiled elements of the government’s long-awaited digital strategy. Among other things, the strategy includes a digital charter that guarantees Canadians data portability — the ability of consumers to retain data when changing services.


The move to 5G telecom networks will unlock US$4.3 trillion in economic value: KPMG

While telecom companies in Canada and around the world wrestle with the costs of upgrading to next generation 5G networks, a new report from KPMG International predicts that the speed and power of 5G will unlock some US$4.3 trillion in economic value across the globe.


Amazing! Canada just came up with a brilliant new digital copyright regime — finally

A blockbuster new report on the future of copyright in Canada was released on Wednesday, and its ideas are breaths of fresh air in a Canadian copyright and intellectual-property scene too long smothered and defiled by the negative views of the antis — anti-copyright and anti-IP activists and academics. Finally the voices of Canadian artists and producers are being heard over the sterile and impractical theorizing of the copyright “elite” and the loud voices of big tech, such as Google, which makes so much money from under-rewarding artists.


Bringing the Future of Career Exploration to Ontario

Ontario’s Government is committing more than $1.4 million to help create a cutting-edge career exploration tool for jobs in the steel and aluminum industries. The Brockville-based Employment and Education Centre will lead a project to develop virtual reality (VR) software and work closely with regional employers to create virtual career exploration modules. Through these modules, job seekers will be able to learn about career options in a dynamic and interactive digital environment. The VR modules can later be used by employment service providers all over the province.


Joly to unveil strategy aimed at attracting more visitors to rural, remote regions

After months of cross-country consultations, Tourism Minister Mélanie Joly is finally ready to lift the curtain on what she — and her government — are framing as “Canada’s new tourism strategy,” which, as per a preview in today’s Globe and Mail, will emphasize the potential economic benefits that a steady stream of Canadian and international visitors could offer more far-flung regions.


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