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What's interesting … Monday, May 27, 2019

Rethinking Brand You

The Brand You concept that Tom Peters first proposed in the late 1990s is one of the most provocative theories ever put forth about how to become a successful business leader. At the time, Peters, who had coauthored In Search of Excellence with Robert Waterman a decade and a half earlier, knew his readers were aspiring nonconformists. They wanted to be creative free agents — like Peters himself. But they also wanted to succeed within the straightlaced hierarchies of the companies they worked for.


30-plus years of HyperCard, the missing link to the Web

Sometime around 1988, my landlady and I cut a deal. She would purchase a Macintosh computer, I would buy an external hard drive, and we would leave the system in the living room to share. She used the device most, since I did my computing on an IBM 286 and just wanted to keep up with Apple developments. But after we set up the Mac, I sat down with it one evening and noticed a program on the applications menu. “HyperCard?” I wondered. “What’s that?”


A laptop filled with six of the world’s most dangerous viruses is on sale for more than $1 million

Some of the world’s greatest artworks are known for their elaborate backstory or complex history, but not many are actively dangerous to those who own them. ‘The Persistence of Chaos’ might be an exception. Created by internet artist Guo O Dong, this piece of art is an ordinary laptop filled with six of the world’s most dangerous pieces of malware. It’s perfectly safe — as long you don’t connect to your Wi-Fi or plug in a USB.



THE MEMORIAL DAY weekend begins on a dire note for constitutional protections. On Thursday, the US government indicted Wikileaks founder Julian Assange for violating the Espionage Act. This is the first time in modern history that the US has charged the publisher of sensitive materials rather than the person who leaked it. The charges stunned even Assange’s harshest critics, who argued that whether you think he’s a journalist or not, the precedent set by his conviction could threaten the First Amendment itself.


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