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One Degree Daily … Tuesday, June 4, 2019

Procrastination is an emotional problem

I told myself I’d start writing at 10 a.m. and crank out a few sections of this article before lunch. It’s now 1:40 p.m.–and I’m finally getting started. What happened?


Justice Dept. Explores Google Antitrust Case

The Justice Department is exploring whether to open a case against Google for potential antitrust violations, putting renewed scrutiny on the company amid a growing chorus of criticism about the power of Big Tech, three people with knowledge of the deliberations said Friday.


Report: Huawei cuts meetings with US, sends US workers home

The Financial Times reported Friday that tech giant Huawei has ordered its employees to cancel technical meetings with American contacts and has sent home numerous U.S. employees working at its Chinese headquarters.

The moves come amid growing U.S.-China tensions over trade and technology in which Huawei has been a main target.


How to Build a Successful Agency-Client Relationship

There are many aspects to building a successful agency. Juggling different projects and deadlines, managing multiple teams, and being pro-active with your own marketing efforts are all essential to success. While the work itself is important, it’s also vital to establish strong, positive agency-client relationships


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