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Updates … Thursday, June 6, 2019

KFC thinks it has a finger-clickin’ good digital strategy

Fried chicken is seldom swept up in the “digital revolution” buzz. Except at KFC, where the company is cooking up plans to use everything from augmented reality to the newest Amazon Alexa device to keep customers buying buckets.


Global Entertainment & Media Outlook 2019–2023

Now in its 20th year, the Outlook has been charting the ongoing revolution in these dynamic sectors for two tumultuous and fascinating decades. As in previous years, we’ve taken a deep dive into our wealth of detailed data, forecasts and analyses, and created new perspectives and insights to help you shape your strategies for years ahead.


The revolution will be online: How Democrats are trying to catch up to Trump

Weeks after launching his 2020 bid, Joe Biden surpassed President Trump on one key measure: digital ad spending. The news served as an acknowledgement that the former vice president, now in his third run for the White House, understood that the modern presidential campaign is now largely won and lost online.


Beyond the iPhone: Apple shows off new software as it attempts to diversify

Beset by falling iPhone sales, Apple announced upcoming changes to its phone and computer software, intended to highlight its increasing emphasis on digital services and to further position it as a fierce guardian of personal privacy.


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