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One Degree Daily … Thursday, June 13, 2019

An impressive Canadian share that’s ‘nice’ too

Despite its wide open spaces, Canada enjoys one of the fastest wireless connections in the world and Telus (TSE:T)) is its fastest-growing telecoms company, providing phone connections, Internet access and television services to residential and business customers. It also offers cloud-based services to business customers through its data centres.


Mayor of latest Canadian town to be hit for online ‘ransom’ calls for national strategy

Canadian municipalities are “sitting ducks” for “cyber terrorists,” says the mayor of Stratford, Ont. — the latest Canadian community to find itself targeted by an online ransom attack.

Dan Mathieson said that if his fellow mayors across the country don’t start working together on the problem, more communities may be hit by online extortionists holding municipal data for ransom.


A paltry number of Canadians are paying for online news

Attitudes towards news media and consumption behaviour in Canada pose a sort of conundrum. In general, Canadians have a positive view of journalism and relatively high trust in media, but on the other hand, they are little inclined to pay for digital news sources.


The best digital marketing strategy

Digital Marketing refers to digital advertising over many online channels like YouTube, Google, and Social Media Websites.

While Digital Marketing Agency is a company responsible for getting your business recognized online through e-marketing.


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