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Of interest … Friday, June 14, 2019

Rate your digital maturity against 7 eye-opening stats

Everyone, it seems, wants to crack the code on digital transformation. And while the ultimate strategies and goals for digital efforts vary by company or industry, some common themes set apart the most successful organizations. In fact, the fifth annual study of digital business from MIT Sloan Management Review and Deloitte reveals increasingly clear organizational differences between the most and least digitally mature organizations.


How fake news can taint a brand’s image

The rise of fake news stories across the Internet is a troubling trend. As of 2017, two-thirds of Americans got their news from social media, and the disconcerting influence of fake news — intentionally false but realistic-looking articles promulgated by clickbait and tabloid websites, as well as extremist political groups — is likely to intensify as the Internet continues to replace traditional media as a news source.


Big mergers create market of ‘superstars’ that draw antitrust scrutiny: Goldman

Blockbuster mergers have dramatically reduced the number of publicly-traded companies — and the “superstars” that are left are increasingly the subjects of antitrust action, according to Goldman Sachs.


Canada Is Luring Tech Talent Away From U.S. With Fast-Track Visa

The Global Skills Strategy, which came into effect two years ago, has attracted about 24,000 people over the past two years, according to government figures Wednesday. The program provides temporary work permits in as little as two weeks for top international talent in categories such as software engineering. It also offers permit exemptions altogether for managers and researchers over shorter-term periods.


I worked at Google: Here’s how to regain trust and work with tech’s critics

Earlier this year, Sunil Rajaraman, the host of the Your Life in Silicon Valley podcast, asked his social media followers what questions he should put to an upcoming guest, a reporter who regularly covers Uber.


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