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One Degree Updates … Monday, June 17, 2019

Everyone’s talking about ethics in AI. Here’s what they’re missing

The systems we require for sustaining our lives increasingly rely upon algorithms to function. Governance, energy grids, food distribution, supply chains, healthcare, fuel, global banking, and much else are becoming increasingly automated in ways that impact all of us. Yet, the people who are developing the automation, machine learning, and the data collection and analysis that currently drive much of this automation do not represent all of us, and are not considering all of our needs equally. We are in deep.


Minister Murray unveils Government of Canada’s plan to support British Columbia’s economic future

The Government of Canada is committed to growing the economy, creating good middle-class jobs, and keeping Canada competitive. Today, the Government of Canada laid out priorities to accelerate western Canada’s growth, productivity, and competitiveness.


Digital Transformation Strategy: Moving Beyond Buzzwords

This year, the LiveWorx Digital Transformation Event returned to Boston. The “digital transformation” theme refers to more of a journey than a destination, as PTC Chief Executive Officer Jim Heppelmann pointed out in a keynote address. And this term encompasses a diverse set of technologies. “It’s computation, sensors, networks, AI, robotics, 3D printing, synthetic biology, AR/VR, blockchain,” said Peter Diamandis, founder and chairman of the X Prize Foundation in another keynote address at LiveWorx, only mentioning a handful of the terms fitting under the digital transformation rubric.


Government of Canada invests in protecting children and youth from online exploitation

Protecting Canadians, especially children and youth, from sexual exploitation on and offline is a priority the Government of Canada takes very seriously. The government is taking a leadership role in combatting this serious crime and is supporting the efforts of the Children of the Street Society (COS).


Tired of #$%& passwords? Single Sign-on could be savior

The experience we know as password hell could be radically changed for the better within the next year and a half to three years.


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