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One Degree Wednesday, September 4, 2019

Canada’s new IP collective is a win for Canada’s scaling companies

As a company evolves from a startup to a scale-up – a company that is rapidly expanding and commercializing ideas in global markets – their intellectual property (IP) requirements change.

Early-stage startups often face fewer consequences from infringing IP because they are too small to be targeted by aggressive IP owners and enforcers. Once a company begins to expand globally, it risks running into stiff competition and becoming targets of predatory IP actions by competitors or indolent non-practising entities, often referred to as “patent trolls.”


Common Mistakes That You Need To Avoid in SEO

While SEO offers numerous benefits regarding rankings, traffic, leads, and brand promotion, some common SEO mistakes can affect


Toys ‘R’ Us Is Back. Meet The $40 Million-Backed Startup That Made It Possible

In September 2017 Toys ‘R’ Us filed for bankruptcy, seeking relief from over $5 billion in debt. Within a year, the 70-year-old brand had closed the doors of over 800 stores. But today the storied company announced that it will return to the US market in time for the holidays, with retail locations in Houston and Paramus, New Jersey.


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