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One Degree Monday, September 30, 2019

Spotting ‘fake news’

The term “fake news” has been used a lot in the last few years, sometimes very inaccurately by presidential leaders, but it is a factor nowadays with the proliferation of information in all forms of media platforms.


Social Media Spring Cleaning [Infographic]

As we head into the busy end of year period, now’s a good time to review your social media profiles and your website, to ensure that everything is up to date, accurate, and wherever possible, secure as it can be.


Apple iOS 13.1.1 Now Live: Surprise Update With Vital Improvements

When iOS 13 launched on September 19, 2019, it wasn’t the luckiest of debuts for Apple. There were bugs and insecurities, due to be patched in an update on September 30. But Apple worked super-fast to bring that update, iOS 13.1, forward to September 24.


How Artificial Intelligence Is Changing The Landscape Of Digital Marketing

All digital marketing operations are now affected by AI-powered tools

Digital marketers are trying hard to leverage AI for strategic planning and campaign decision making

A roadmap is required to stay ahead from the crowd, few tips to prepare for that

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