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One Degree Tuesday, October 1, 2019

Digital Transformation Doesn’t Just Increase Revenue, It Can Impact Employee Productivity Too

People like to have the information technology (IT) tools they need to be empowered, productive and successful at work. Yet a
recent survey by Zensar

shows that more than half, 53% to be exact, of white-collar and higher-level professionals believe that their company’s digital transformation priorities are focused on how to increase profits instead of empowering employees. And most said their companies would benefit from employee empowerment via investments in IT.


Reflection on small-town election culture in Canada

It’s been another week of “he said, she said” in the Canadian election campaign. On Friday, when climate change rallies took place in cities across the country, party leaders still criticized each other for attending, not attending, or not saying enough of the right things. This becomes tiring, so this week I decided to share some election lore from the local level I’ve gathered over the years.


Innovate by giving employees more

To Bendyworks, “innovation” means trying new and interesting things without losing sight of fundamentals.

As a software consultancy, we certainly employ exciting technologies with our clients, leveraging powerful open source software in unique ways. But that’s fodder for a technical conference or a sales meeting. Where Bendyworks really shines — and this is applicable to nearly any other organization — is how we innovate on demonstrating care for our employees.


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