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One Degree Monday, October 7, 2019

Fearing violence, the RCMP are closely watching hateful online election chatter

The RCMP are compiling daily threat reports on online hate targeting federal political leaders during this election campaign, fearing it could spill over into real-world violence, sources tell CBC News.

Government sources close to the file say there’s been an increase in online posts condoning violence during this campaign — and one of the investigators’ main areas of concern is the growing number of anti-immigration posts.


Google Considers Acquiring A Video Sharing App To Challenge TikTok

Google is considering acquiring video app Firework, per a report from The Wall Street Journal. Similar to the ultra-popular TikTok, Firework also allows users to create and share short-form videos.

Firework, based out of Redwood City, California, bills itself as the “future of social mobile TV,” and was last valued at $100 million in a fundraising round earlier this year. Chinese technology company Weibo has also reportedly considered acquiring Firework, although discussions have not moved as far along as those with Google.


Tech CEOs call on political parties for policy action to drive digital economy

More than 110 Canadian tech CEOs have signed an open letter urging political parties to take action to strengthen the country’s innovative economy, and avoid falling further behind international peers.

So far, major parties have put forward pledges in areas like affordability, first-time home-buyers and climate change, but the campaigns have offered few promises designed to drive economic growth in the digital age.


Canadians remain engaged and connected to print media

Canadian adults of all ages continue to turn to newspapers, both in print and online, as a trusted source for news and as a way to engage with advertising.

That was the clear message out of two studies conducted earlier this year by News Media Canada with Totum Research.

“You hear it a lot, ‘Nobody reads newspapers anymore,’ but the research clearly goes against that,” said Kelly Levson, director of marketing and research with News Media Canada.


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