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One Degree Wednesday, October 9, 2019

10 principles of workforce transformation

When you (or your board members) think about thriving in a digital world, you probably think first about technology. It’s evolving so fast that your business constantly has to adapt. But the greatest challenge is not the tech itself: It’s developing a knowledgeable, strategically adept, cognitively flexible, and proficient workforce. You want people who can command artificial intelligence, analyze data, invent and apply solutions on the fly, and slide effortlessly into new roles as needed. All the while, they should keep their skills sharp with mobile apps and online self-taught courses. Ideas should flow from all corners of the company, whether from full-time managers or a pool of gig workers who jump in when work heats up.


How to Do Local SEO During the Holidays

We’ve all got our favorite holidays scattered throughout the year.

I know plenty of people who begin planning their next Halloween costumes on November 1.

Others wait all year for Black Friday to roll around to mark the beginning of the Christmas shopping season.


National Newspaper Week: Exciting times!

This week is National Newspaper Week, and someone’s probably going to ask me how the newspaper business is doing – and when they do, they may use that same tone of voice you hear when you’re asked about an aging relative who’s been in the hospital.

I usually answer with one word: “Exciting!”

Yes, sometimes I may add “And terrifying!” to that, depending on the day.

But even on those days, it’s an amazing time to be in our line of work.


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