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One Degree Monday, October 28, 2019

Is social media killing relationships? Video

Author Mary Choi explored the impact social media has on relationships in her new book, ‘Permanent Record.’


Is a Marketing Rebellion at Hand?

Mark W. Schaefer, in his book Marketing Rebellion (pick it up, it’s a keeper), argues that we’re in the midst of a third marketing rebellion. In this rebellion, the truth is paramount. Authenticity isn’t just a buzzword, and today’s customer wants to feel a real connection with the companies from which they buy.


The best digital marketing stats we’ve seen this week

A new report by Rada Business suggests that ‘robotic’ customer service is having a negative effect on consumer opinion towards UK businesses.

In a survey, 91% of respondents said that they regularly experience situations where employees fail to apply a flexible way of communicating and common sense as a result of not being able to think ‘in the moment’. The survey also found that 46% of people have reported experiencing impatient customer service, 45% said they have experienced unhelpfulness, and 38% have experienced poor communication.


Not all fun and memes: What’s the trouble with TikTok? | CBC News

It’s been a bad week for TikTok. The Chinese-owned video-sharing app, wildly popular with teens, was forced to issue a rare public statement about its data security practices and whether it censors content on behalf of Beijing. In short, TikTok said it can be trusted with its users’ data and that it doesn’t delete videos just because of “sensitivities related to China.”


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