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One Degree Tuesday, October 29, 2019

Canada election: Where it went wrong for Conservatives

It was certainly not a victory but neither was it a clear defeat for the Conservatives on election night. The country elected a Liberal minority government with a projected 155 seats out of 338. The Conservatives got 122, according to the CBC election tracker. But the Conservatives edged out the Liberals in the popular vote – 34.5% to 33%.


Canada is not the liberal paradise you imagine

IT’S NOT THE image Americans would associate with a Canadian federal election: Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, his bespoke suit stretched tight by hefty and conspicuous body armor, surrounded by a phalanx of bug-eyed uniformed tactical officers.


WATCH — ‘Please vote’: Teens speak out on election day

For the past 40 days, federal party leaders have been criss-crossing Canada, trying to convince voters they are the best person to lead the country. Now, it’s up to Canadians. But only Canadian citizens who are 18 or over are eligible to vote.


How This Tiny Island Country Is Making a Big Impact in Fintech and Blockchain

Some of the first things you are told about Bermuda when you arrive is to check out the beautiful pink-sand beaches and enjoy a bowl of the famous fish chowder and a “dark and stormy,” a popular island drink. These attractions seem natural for the subtropical island known for its tourism, but what you may not hear right away is that Bermuda, a British Overseas Territory with a self-governing parliament with less than 70,000 inhabitants, has become a global leader in “fintech” (technology primarily focused on the finance industry) and innovations involving blockchain.


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