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One Degree Monday, November 4, 2019

What The Google-Fitbit Deal Means

In 2007, when the iPhone was launched, James Park and Eric Friedman saw an opportunity to create a new type of device. It would leverage low-cost sensors to allow a person to have a wearable, which could track vital health stats. The result was Fitbit, which was initially developed with about $400,000 in seed capital from friends and family. There was also a nice boost from a Kickstarter campaign.


Fears of election meddling on social media were overblown, say researchers

Now that the election is over and researchers have combed through the data collected, their conclusion is clear: there was more talk about foreign trolls during the campaign than there was evidence of their activities.


U.S.-Canada innovation partnership launched

An innovation-based partnership between the United States and Canada has been launched to promote a deeper bilateral relationship through collaboration on innovation, technology, research, science, and related issues.


6 Ways To Grow Your Local Business With Digital Marketing

If you have a local business, it’s important to engage in digital marketing to attract more local clients. Many local businesses make the mistake of believing they should only use online advertisements and other forms of online marketing if they have a business beyond their immediate community.


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