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One Degree Tuesday, November 5, 2019

Watch what you tweet: New election law ‘chills speech,’ say critics

Though few Canadians seem to be aware of this, the recent federal election campaign was fought under a new law that imposes severe penalties for publishing misleading statements on the internet during the writ period.


On GPS: Who won the Canadian election? (VIDEO)

Elections seem like they should be pretty straightforward, but the recent Canadian General election threw a curveball.Source: CNN


The Drum Digerati 2019: the world’s top 100 digital marketers (part 1)

Starting today, we can reveal who has made it into The Drum Digerati – our celebration of the world’s top digital marketers.

From brand bosses to media mavericks, corporate kingmakers to industry innovators, The Digerati shines a spotlight on 100 outstanding individuals shaping the digital industry today.


Why today’s leader should be a digital leader by nature

As new technologies continue to have an impact on business operations, customers and employees, companies are experiencing an unprecedented period of evolution and adaptation as they navigate this era of digital transformation.


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