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One Degree Friday, November 8, 2019

Fewer protections come with digital payments like Apple Cash

My desperation to see Ariana Grande in concert created the perfect trap.

Instead of seeing her sing about love and loss, I got sucked into an online ticket scheme that cost me $75 and a big chunk of my pride.

Con artists often get away with scams like these because digital payment services such as Venmo and Apple Cash don’t protect consumers the same way credit cards do. As a rule of thumb, the newer the service, the more likely con artists will target it.


These Hugely Popular Local News Sites In The US And Canada Are Fake

Since 2004, more than 2,000 newspapers have closed in the United States, and many local news outlets are struggling to build a digital business. But one remarkable success story is the Albany Daily News, a website that clocked nearly 10 million pageviews in August, roughly five times that of the 160-year-old Albany Times Union newspaper, according to analytics service SimilarWeb.


Apple Issues New Blow To Facebook And Google With This Bold Privacy Move

Apple wants to be the company of choice for people concerned about their security and privacy. The iPhone maker has made its intentions clear since the roll out of its updated operating system iOS 13, which adds a host of new features that take a direct hit at its rivals Facebook and Google.


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