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How YouTube Marketing Improves Your E-Commerce Sales

We are all guilty of spending hours on our phone– scrolling, consuming, and learning. There is something about the video medium that has made content consumption more fun than conventional blogs and articles. Research by Cisco has shown that by the year 2021, 82% of the internet traffic will be made up of video content. Why is there a sudden surge?

Videos are a great way to spread awareness since it’s both an audio and a visual medium. Once a video is playing, you have the full attention of a viewer. Short-form or long-form, there is no reason why a brand should not spend time and effort on video-centric content. YouTube is now the second-highest most used search engine after Google. Everyone prefers to see a video rather than read an article. YouTube content is the way forward!

As an E-commerce company, why YouTube?

YouTube has seen a 100% increase in video content each year, according to Insiva. This means there is a 100% chance of increasing attention to your products and services by using YouTube regularly. Research by Hubspot shows that over 55% of all internet users consume video content at least once a day. It all boils down to using effective content creation to capture the attention of phone users. Once you have their attention, a simple call to action can take them from the video to your sales page; i.e., an effective content marketing can actually drive sales.

What Content?

YouTube is swimming with content, and you can be drowned in this pool if your content is sub-par. There are a few simple content breakdowns to help you understand your video needs. We can break this down into two types: Product Based and Created Content.

Product Based Content:  

These videos are straight forward about the products you wish to sell. These have no creative loopholes and made simply to serve the interest of the brand. These could be:

  1. Brand Endorsement

This is as simple as making a commercial like we see on televisions and post them on your YouTube channels. These are the most basic forms of videos that brands have been using since the inception of advertising.

  • Product Videos.

If you are an e-commerce company, make small videos about your products. These could be simple non-scripted shots of your products that give a full visual of the items. For example, if you are a shoe brand, make a video about a group of sports shoes to show close-ups and details of the products. This helps users make faster decisions.

  • Testimonial Videos

Before you buy any product, you read the reviews. This gives you the pros and cons of the product, helps you understand the flaws, and, most importantly, hears a real consumer’s opinion on the products. A good review adds believability to the sale of any product. Thus, video testimonials are like audio-visual reviews. These are easier to consume, and a real-relatable story can help you sell better.

Content Creation.

This is the basis of all YouTube marketing. Creating content that fits the viewing needs of your target audience. These videos do not directly sell your products but bring the attention of the users who could be potential consumers. There are many variations to this:

  • Instruction Style Videos

These videos are devised to show what problems your products can resolve. YouTube is more than a video platform, it’s a search engine. Users look for videos on “How to…”, “What to do when…” etc. These are users looking for solutions. As a marketer, you aim to make videos that show that your product is the solution to these problems.
For example, if you are a company that sells flowers online, then you can grab the attention of users looking for “How to make a flower bokeh at home?”.

  • Interviews

Interviews are easy to make and easy to sell YouTube content. These could be with prominent personalities from the field your product is in. The founders of the company, the brand ambassadors, and influencers. These look like educational videos but could disguise the message of your brand.

  • Event Coverage

Bring the offline world online. When you launch a new product or sign a new client, or throw a public event, make a beautiful video of the event. This helps your followers know the latest information about your products in the fastest way.

  • News Based Content

If it’s trending, you need to jump on the bandwagon. If there is news around your product domain, then voice your stand on the news. Being relevant is an effective way to increase brand awareness. This means if you are an e-commerce company that sells gadgets, you need to make videos on launches, price hikes, tax changes, and other relevant topics that affect the purchase of your products.

Now that you know what content to make, you need to make sure you do this right. Here are 4-steps to help you find your voice on YouTube.

Step One: Understand your target group

Make sure you know what target audience you want to sell towards. All your videos should be made in a way that resonates with your potential buyers. This means the topics, language, style, interests, etc. should appeal to your ideal consumer.

Step Two: Optimize your YouTube channel  

There is nothing worse than a shabby YouTube channel. If you want to use content to drive sales, you should look the part. Your channel banners and icons must be the right sizes. Review them on mobile devices as the majority of the content is consumed on phones.  Update your channel information and add appropriate links to websites and social media. The aim is to direct traffic from YouTube to the product.

Step Three: Understand Analytics

YouTube analytics is one of the most comprehensive tools to learn more about your audience. Using the tool, you can find the interests of your users, the videos they like, the areas they are viewing from, and then tailor-make your videos to enhance user-engagement.

Step Four:  Plan a Calendar of Videos.

Plan your videos at least one/two months in advance. These are mostly on timeless topics. You will proactively need to make videos on trends and product launches. But consistency is the key. Never let your audience see a lul in your quantity or quality.

YouTube is the next biggest thing for sellers. With over one billion hours of views each day across the platform and 100 hours of videos going up each minute, this is one platform that is a revolution in the way we consume content. Play your cards right, and you could be minting big-bucks from your YouTube audience.

Haifa Aboobacker – Author Bio

Haifa is a growth assistant at  AirTract.Com, a go-to place for all expert advice wherein people ask questions, talk to an expert, write articles, share and learn from online courses.
She is a communication engineering graduate but a digital marketing buff who is fascinated by the best SEO practices and content strategies. She loves to make friends and explore places, and she chooses reading in her time off.


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