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One Degree Thursday, November 28, 2019


Given all the weird and wonderful things that Dave Grohl gets up to in his ridiculously busy career, the Foo Fighters frontman has probably got a lot that he could document and show to the world – not to mention how many fans would undoubtedly want a deeper look inside the life of one of the biggest rock stars on the planet.


Where Brands Go Wrong In Social Media Advertising

While digital advertising is still relatively young compared to traditional ad media, the medium is rapidly changing. This is especially true in social media as the way the consumer interacts with advertising on platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat continues to evolve. Not surprisingly, from both the advertiser point of view and the consumer point of view, misfires are all too common.


The dark side of social media

Since social media platforms have allowed us to share pieces of our lives and be more connected with each other than ever before, it seems to have become a lot harder for some to be satisfied with their realities.

These platforms can be very enjoyable to us and rightly so. We get to share ideas, find inspiration, be entertained, learn new things and meet people we would otherwise never get to meet.


Social media levels playing field for Canadian small businesses, unlocks economic growth

At a time when only half of small businesses in Canada survive their first five years1, new research from Ipsos, commissioned by Facebook Canada, reveals that accessible digital tools are critical for Canadian entrepreneurs to start, build and sustainably grow their businesses. The research, Empowered In The Digital Age: Leveling the Playing Field For Canadian Small Business, illustrates how Facebook’s family of apps is providing a runway for growth for small-business entrepreneurs (SMEs) who often face systemic barriers to small-business ownership, ultimately helping to diversify and strengthen Canada’s economy. The research highlights three influential groups of entrepreneurs whose dynamic growth can be attributed in large part to access to these tools: businesses owned by women, young Canadians and new Canadians.


Social Media Is Encouraging Unhealthy Food Choices

This is the week where over indulging is all but encouraged in the United States. If Christmas is about gift giving and Fourth of July is about patriotism, then Thanksgiving is truly about eating – actually over eating. As a holiday that isn’t actually a bad thing, but in a nation with expanding waistlines and childhood obesity a genuine concern, it is the other 364 days that we should be concerned with and social media isn’t doing much to help with our diet.


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