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One Degree Monday, December 9, 2019

The Royal Canadian Legion is having trouble taking down unauthorized retailers

The Royal Canadian Legion is shutting down unauthorized retailers using its trademarked poppy symbol to sell merchandise on sites such as Facebook, Amazon and Shopify.

According to the legion, some of these companies are even falsely claiming to be connected to the legion or that they’re donating proceeds from their sales to the legion. A Royal Canadian Legion representative told by phone that the situation is “disheartening.”


The Unique Challenges of Online Marketing in Canada

We all use the same internet, right? Online marketing is pretty much the same in Canada as it is in the US, right? Wrong.

The truth of the matter is that Canada is its own beast when it comes to online advertising. You could run a digital marketing campaign the same way that you would in the US, but you would get completely different results. And probably not the results you were hoping for.


Canadian Forces members go viral (VIDEO)

Corporal Abdulla Lardhi and Master Corporal, Jeremy Hawksworth are friends and comrades in the Canadian Forces. On Wednesday, the pair and two of their friends went out for lunch – unbeknownst to what was about to happen.


The ever-evolving security landscape in Canada

Today, most organizations – from small businesses to large global enterprises – find themselves in the midst of a digital transformation journey. While at varying stages, these transformations are changing the way we conduct business, and store and manage data.


Inside Intel’s billion-dollar transformation in the age of AI

As I walked up to the Intel visitor center in Santa Clara, California, a big group of South Korean teenagers ran from their bus and excitedly gathered round the big Intel sign for selfies and group shots. This is the kind of fandom you might expect to see at Apple or Google. But Intel?




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