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One Degree Tuesday, January 7, 2020

Hailey Baldwin says social media is ‘breeding ground for cruelty’

Hailey Baldwin opened up in a lengthy Instagram post over the weekend about how the hate she receives online affects her, calling social media a “breeding ground for cruelty.”


How to turn your social media savviness into a lucrative career

No one knows the job market like LinkedIn. So when they say listings for social media positions have risen over 1,300 percent since 2010, that means it’s a target-rich environment for those qualified to land a job managing social media accounts.


It’s Time For A Major Transformation In The Digital Marketing Ecosystem

Adtech is riddled with fraud. It’s time that brands and publishers take control and rebuild trust in the digital advertising industry.


Gadgets of the future unveiled at annual tech show

Intelligent toilets, virtual comfort animals and lots of robots will be unveiled in Las Vegas this week for the Consumer Electronics Show, the annual tech industry extravaganza that brings over 4,000 companies together for a week of sharing their latest innovations with the world.



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