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One Degree Tuesday, January 14, 2020

I Spent $10 Million+ on Google & Facebook Ads—Here’s What I Learned

Looking back at my time at WordStream, I’ve learned A TON. Most noteworthy, I’ve furthered my paid search and social advertising expertise, backed by over $10 million in ad spend managed. Yup, over $10 million—that means I’ve reviewed a LOT of performance data.


5 Marketing Tips for Solopreneurs

It’s a fantastic feeling to have a business idea, and boldly go solo and execute it. Once the business is established, the onus is on letting the maximum number of people to take notice.

Strategy-driven Marketing is not an easy task, especially for solopreneurs. With digital taking over the world, Marketing is now broadly classified into online and offline. Solopreneur-run businesses are usually home-based, making online marketing much more essential than offline.


New Study on Consumer Behaviors in Canada Reveals Digital Preferences

A new report released by Eagle Eye, a performance marketing company that helps retailers and brands create digital connections with customers to enable personalization, examines the changing preferences of Canadian consumers and how they interact with retailers during their shopping journeys. The report identifies digital shopping trends that are impacting how retailers and brands should engage customers, grow sales and improve loyalty in a highly competitive market.


12 Ways to Make Money Online From Digital Marketing

There are different ways to make money online in Nigeria, or from anywhere in the world. In this article, however, we would place focus on a particular niche — Digital Marketing.

Digital marketing is a very diverse field of work that boasts of various fields that can be tapped into to make money online. Some of these fields require technical skills, others don’t.




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