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One Degree Thursday, January 16, 2020

Have We Reached a Breaking Point With Social Media?

One of my biggest goals for 2020 is to finally commit to unplugging from social media.

I, like many others, have a complicated relationship with Instagram, Twitter and Facebook (no, I do not use Snapchat and I refuse to join Tik Tok for fear of upping my screen time even more). While the apps give me major social media fatigue, especially with devastating news stories and images constantly appearing on my feeds, I still can’t seem to break away from my phone, especially after a long, hard day when all I want to do is mindlessly scroll.


SEO Strategy Guide: Beat Your Competition in 2020

What’s the secret to winning at SEO in 2020?  If you want to outrank your competition, there are three things you will need:


Social Media Is Improving Their Lives, Say Baby Boomers

When we think of the generation most likely to have their noses in their phones reading the latest posts on social media, millennials typically come to mind. This is the generation that tends to “lean forward” to stream videos rather than the “lean back” method of sitting on a couch to watch TV.


3 Ways to Get More Reviews for Your Small Business

No matter how you look at it, reviews play a key role in brand discovery, and should be a key consideration for all digital marketers.

For example, search engines use online reviews when deciding which businesses to rank where in local search results. It’s not the only factor they consider, but it’s in the top 3, and that’s important if you want to gain visibility with 89% of the population that use web search engines to make purchase decisions.




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