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One Degree Monday, February 3, 2020

Why Facebook put the focus on you for its first-ever Super Bowl ad

The first hint that Facebook would make its initial appearance in the Super Bowl ad sweepstakes this year dropped when Sylvester Stallone posted a cryptic Rocky tease in December that very quickly went viral.


6 Bad Social Media Habits to Leave Behind

Social media marketing is harder than it seems. To keep posting consistent, high-quality, and engaging content, you’ve got to have all kinds of personal skills, know your audience, and use the right tools. You’ll have to keep up with social media trends and improve your work all the time so as not to fall behind your competitors.


Is TikTok Really The Next Big Social Media Platform For Travel

If you said the word “TikTok” perhaps 12 months ago, you may have received a bemused look from someone thinking you were insinuating for them to hurry up their pace.


4 Must-Have Tools to Help You Create Amazing Social Media Content

As a marketer, you generally have a range of different goals that you’re concurrently working towards at any given time. Those could include boosting brand awareness, generating more leads, increasing conversions, etc.






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