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One Degree Friday, February 14, 2020

Resilience is a skill that’s just as important as tech know-how

Imagine if Thomas Edison, who grew up poor and without much formal education, hadn’t persevered through the hardships in his life. Almost entirely deaf from an early age, Edison created the carbon transmitter, which made it easier to hear sounds on the telephone. That invention led to a string of others, including his most widely recognized: the phonograph and the lightbulb.


Feds Increased Advertising Spending To $58.6M Ahead Of Election

The government of Canada ramped up its annual advertising spending ahead of the federal election, increasing from $39.2 million billed in the previous year to $58.6 million.


These apps make you feel like you have a personal assistant

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a personal assistant who could take care of all of those pesky details that take time from your day? The sad reality, however, is that it probably isn’t realistic to hire someone. If you’ve got a smartphone, though—and 81% of Americans do—you can find some apps that are a decent substitute.


The State of Privacy and Location Marketing Report (Download)

As the industry leader for independent validation & insights, Location Sciences’ primary mission is to create transparency. Our core product, Verify, gives marketers and suppliers critical insights about the accuracy and quality of their location marketing.

This Report outlines how marketers will be affected by regulatory & iOS 13 privacy updates. Privacy’s impact on location data affects key pillars of performance such as audience quality, attribution and footfall confidence, and dynamic creative optimization.



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