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One Degree Wednesday, March 18, 2020

Virtually alone: Real ways to connect remote teams

As two longtime business consultants, we make a point of keeping in touch with former colleagues. When we had lunch recently with one who had left consulting to join a startup, we were eager to hear how he was faring. Admittedly, we were even a little jealous of what sounded like an interesting, high-energy venture. But once we started asking questions to get a glimpse of what life was like on the startup side, we could see that after just two months in the new job, he was miserable.


What Is the Online Customer Perception When It Comes To Digital Marketing?

For any of the business entities, the customer’s perception is very much important as we all know that nowadays, we are going with the world of the internet where everything has gone online. Whether it comes to shopping online, booking tickets or business as well, it is very important to target online customers for growth and success. For the brand popularity and awareness digital marketing and the customer perception whether it is online or offline is very effective and efficient. But sometimes broken links works as an obstacle in digital marketing where website or web page doesn’t work because of encountering many of the reasons. So, you need a proven tool or broken link checker that can fetch entire broken links on your website. Many website are available that can be useful in that case to identify the broken links on the business websites.
Some of the primary factors for why customer perception is essential behind the maintenance of the business and industry:


Updated SEO Practices to Enhance Your Website

When it comes to building strong SEO to attract users to your site, the rules for best practices change frequently. That’s because SEO consistently adapts to reflect modern search habits, as well as Google’s consistent algorithm updates.


Four concrete ways to create a culture of innovation

It seems like everyone is talking about innovation—it’s the subject of business books and magazine articles, and companies from Patagonia to Netflix to Square are praised for their innovative business practices. There’s good reason for that: new services, products and even internal processes can boost revenue, cut costs or save time. Of course, innovation isn’t just about doing things in a new way or investing in new technology. For a change to really be innovative, it must drive growth. But it’s not always obvious just how companies can create a culture of innovation. Here, we offer four practical tips for companies that want to innovate but aren’t sure where to start.


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