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One Degree Thursday, March 19, 2020

Canadian snowbirds told to come home as some insurers warn medical insurance will be restricted

Canadian snowbirds are being advised to return home as the COVID-19 pandemic advances in the U.S. — and access to out-of-country medical insurance comes to an end for some travelers.


Universal to bring current theatrical releases to digital platforms early due to COVID-19

Universal has confirmed that it will release several of its current and upcoming theatrical films on digital platforms early.

Read more at Universal to bring current theatrical releases to digital platforms early due to COVID-19


Open innovation meets the technology challenge of 5G networks

Supermicro’s high-performance outdoor SuperServer.
Mobile operators around the globe are gearing up for a new era of 5G network services. The move to 5G promises higher transmission speeds and more bandwidth, allowing videos and other data-rich content to be uploaded and downloaded up to 20 times more quickly than with current 4G technology.


Google’s coronavirus site launches amid Trump confusion

He said the company was developing a website for all Americans to check whether they should get tested.

However, Google’s sister company Verily had actually been working on a pilot limited to California’s Bay Area.


Social Media Giants Issue Statement on Virus Misinformation

The coronavirus pandemic has prompted social media giants like Facebook FB, Twitter TWTR, Alphabet’s GOOGL Google and Microsoft’s MSFT LinkedIn to team up in an effort to fight misinformation about the outbreak. Reddit is also a part of this group.


The high-tech arsenal we need to fight the coronavirus

The best way to slow the spread of the novel coronavirus is old-fashioned—a mix of social distancing and isolating people who are vulnerable—but health providers are also turning to an array of old and new technologies to combat the disease and its effects.


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