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One Degree Thursday April 2 2020

 Marketing YouTube Channels You Should Follow to Keep Learning During Quarantine

While we’re not against you rewatching Game of Thrones in its entirety, we see a lot of potential right now for becoming an even better marketer.
We’ve gathered 8 of the best marketing YouTube channels for you to learn from while you’re spending extra time at home. These channels cover topics like digital marketing as a whole, marketing to small businesses, everything you need to know about SEO, content strategies, and social media.

Brand and Digital Marketing

It’s a brutal fact: in the new COVID-19 normal, businesses that haven’t adapted to digital marketing will have to do so quickly or perish.
Traditional advertising—print, broadcast, direct mail—will shrink to a smaller percentage of a complete marketing strategy, as businesses turn to digital methods.

Analysis: The Distrust of Social Media

According to a Pew Research Center poll, between about 40 to 60 percent of Americans are concerned about the quality of political news they receive from sources like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. There is, however, a very vague line between the beneficial ease of information and the lack of proper research methods in verifying information within social media, one which, when reconciled, can improve the use of social media news effectively.

COVID-19: the Government of Canada Provides Relief to the Broadcasting Sector

Canadians rely on radio and television to stay up to date on matters related to COVID-19. The government knows that our Canadian broadcasters have been working around the clock to deliver news and information programming, while facing operational challenges and significant declines in advertising revenue.

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  1. Alexa
    Alexa December 15, 2021

    YouTube is one of the biggest sources for learning marketing strategies. There are a lot of digital marketing channels ​active on YouTube with the world’s best experts that are offering online digital marketing courses. These channels cover all the topics related to Digital marketing services, social media marketing strategies, best SEO techniques, and the best marketing ideas for business

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