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One Degree Monday April 6 2020

54 Blogging Statistics to Amaze You and Your Readers in 2020

Blogging is an awesome way to share opinions, stories, content and relevant information to readers. Anyone can create a blog, with as little or as much skill as you’d like to put into it.

There are plenty of tools to get your first blog up and running including CMS platforms like WordPress, or website builders with built-in blogging tools like Wix and SquareSpace.


Social media during a crisis and how we stay connected

As many across the world shift to working or studying from home and physical distancing, it can be easy to feel socially isolated. SFU communication professor Peter Chow-White, who studies how we use social media, says that needn’t be the case. By informing and connecting us, social media can play a central role in any crisis.


10 Ways SEO Could be Helpful During the Pandemic COVID-19

When pandemics hit, life takes priority over everything else. This means businesses will take a hit and sometimes the predictions of economic collapse may leave a lot of people convinced that there is not much else they can do. But take heart, it will come to an end and in the meantime, while you shelter from the storm, you can still use SEO to effectively sustain your business in different ways.


Google Is Tracking Whether You’re Staying Home

If there has ever been a question about the amount of information Google has about you, let this sink in–the company just released county-level reports about exactly how our travel patterns have changed over the past few weeks. Most of us have some sense of the reality that we’re always being tracked, especially when it comes to what we do online, but this data may give some of us pause.



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