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One Degree Friday April 10 2020

‘Dog’ vs ‘donkey’: B.C. women take bizarre war of words to court

If there’s one element of Lower Mainland life likely to remain constant even after COVID-19, it’s the hatred that exists between Jing Lu and Catherine Shen.

For the past 15 years, the two women have engaged in an unrelenting, bizarre and seemingly inexplicable war of words.


How Businesses can Modify Offline and Online Marketing Strategies Amidst the Looming Crisis

The world is changing and the time might not seem appropriate to talk about business possibilities and growth. However, we need to understand that the coronavirus crisis will surely pass like some of the other global threats and countries will then turn to potent business opportunities for improving the financial standing.


Google Docs is becoming the best entertainment of the coronavirus pandemic

t feels like only last week Houseparty was ruling as the number one entertainment for everyone self-isolating. That was until rumours about the video call app started spreading. According to some users, the app was not safe and having it installed on your phone meant you could easily get your bank account hacked. As the story unfolded, many deleted Houseparty, me included.


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