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One Degree Friday April 24 2020

Go read this story on Airbnb’s plans to bounce back after the pandemic

The travel industry is in shambles. Now that going places has become very ill-advised at best and contagiously fatal at worst, travelers are staying at home. That’s meant the businesses that make up the travel-industrial complex — from hotels to airlines — are cratering. Airbnb, the short-term rental behemoth, had even planned to go public this year. Now that those plans have been foiled and its business is in trouble, the question of what the company needs to do to simply survive the pandemic is paramount.


Canada’s first COVID-19 ‘price gouging’ lawsuit filed in Windsor

For the lawyer who filed Canada’s first COVID-19 “price gouging” lawsuit in a Windsor court on Tuesday, it’s personal.

“I know how important this PPE (personal protective equipment) is, and seeing people take advantage, it hits my heart,” said David Campbell, a partner in Michigan law firm Bowman & Brooke LLP, which specializes in product liability and commercial litigation.


7 Top Digital Marketing Strategies in 2020 that Drive Bold Results

Even industries that were slow to adopt new digital media are now experimenting with new media formats, digital platforms and technologies to break through the digital noise.


5 Email Marketing Tips during the Pandemic

Most ecommerce companies rely on email marketing. But the Covid-19 shutdown requires an evaluation of email frequency and tone, among other tactics.

In this post, I’ll address how to manage email marketing during the pandemic.


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