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One Degree Friday May 1 2020

How open-source medicine could prepare us for the next pandemic

At the end of March, I was supposed to attend a dinner party where the core topic of discussion was how online collaboration could tackle diseases that are traditionally ignored by Big Pharma. Instead of wine and good food, experts from the National Institutes of Health, Harvard University, Takeda Pharmaceutical, and I were forced to settle in at our home offices and dial into Zoom. In some ways, it was the perfect format to discuss how open-source tools could help find new cures.


Spring Clean Your Social Media

Spring is finally here; It’s a time to refresh: getting rid of the old, cleaning up often-forgotten places, and spitting things up to “look good.” Don’t you think those are some great concepts that can apply to your online marketing and social media strategies? It’s the right time to clean up your social media strategy. But you won’t need a mop or rubber gloves so that you can achieve most of our tips in just a few short hours.



The Canadian Forces Snowbirds will grace the sky from sea to sea across the country to salute Canadians doing their part in the battle against the COVID-19 pandemic.


Green Shield Canada Collaboration With PocketPills Set to Spark Ongoing Digital Health Innovation

With digital health solutions evolving at a rapid pace, Green Shield Canada (GSC) is enhancing its position as an online health leader by partnering with PocketPills, Canada’s leading digital pharmacy. PocketPills manages the full pharmacy experience in a purely digital environment, from discussions with a pharmacist, to refilling prescriptions to ongoing disease management. In the coming months, the two organizations will be collaborating to develop digital health pharmacy solutions, driven by their shared focus on improving access to care and the patient experience – the same motivation that has always led GSC to partner with Canadian Pharmacy, with cardiovascular health coaching, specialty drugs and deprescribing being just a few important examples.


Google’s growth slows as pandemic infests advertising market

Google reported its weakest revenue growth in nearly five years as the pandemic-driven recession began to shrivel its advertising sales in the first quarter.


Google Makes Multi-Participant Video Streaming Platform Meet Free to All Users

Google has very clearly had enough of the hype around video streaming platform Zoom, as Zoom usage takes off during the COVID-19 lockdowns.


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