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One Degree Wednesday May 6 2020

Email Marketing Is Your Golden Goose – Don’t Kill It

We all know Aesop’s fable about a farming couple with a goose that lays one golden egg a day. Hoping to recover a mother lode of gold from inside the goose, they kill it. Of course, they discover no gold and, in the process, ensure the flow of daily golden eggs comes to an end.


Canada’s news organizations are in mortal peril, and it’s time for the federal government to take on the two marauding tech giants who are largely to blame.

Facebook and Google have pillaged the Canadian digital advertising market over the past decade. Between them, they have scooped up the vast majority of the revenue in Canada’s $6-billion-plus online advertising market – advertising that has been the chief source of revenue for Canadian media organizations.


How to improve your digital marketing with competitor analysis

Nowadays it’s more important than ever to know how your competitors act to adapt your strategy accordingly. During uncertain times, staying relevant to your audience is vital for keeping the lights. There may be even more opportunities for your business, and competitor analysis can point them out for you.



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